Interested in joining the lab?

Are you curious about how the brain extracts relevant bits from the constant flow of sensory information we are under? We are a small, new lab located in the midst of the exceptional scientific community in beautiful Bonn.

There are several benefits of joining our newly founded lab such as:

  • You will be working as part of a small team of highly motivated and enthusiastic people in a highly collaborative environment
  • You will have more 1-on-1 time with the PI
  • You will have privileged access to a wide array of cutting-edge technologies
    (multi-photon imaging, electrophysiology, optogenetics, behaviour etc.)
  • You will have the opportunity to develop your own research project
  • There will be more resources per person
  • You will see how an early-stage lab is run which will help with your own future career


We are seeking a highly motivated scientist with a strong interest in technical questions in the context of neuroscience and in the development of new technology. The project is centred on the optimization of a standardised odour delivery device and entails active participation within the framework of the DFG-funded research unit FOR 5424 “Modulation in Olfaction” Please see the ad below and get in touch if you’re interested!
Job advert: [PDF]
Application deadline: 30.06.2024


Students interested in doing their Bachelor’s or Master’s project in our lab should send their CV with a brief description of their goals after graduation via email to Dr. Tobias Ackels.